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    [[Geography of Ceir]] [[History of Ceir]] [[Notable People of Ceir]] [[The Races of Ceir]]

  • The Races of Ceir

    h2. Humans Humans are about what you'd expect them to be. Good, evil, powerful, weak, cityfolk, poor farmers, they come in all flavors. As a race, they're obsessed with magic and technological advancement. They loosely follow a pantheon of gods. In …

  • History of Ceir

    h1. BU... ~ BU005 [[Before Unification]] h1. BU005 ~ AU000 [[The Wars of Unification]] h1. AU000 ~ AU055 [[Days of Peace]] h1. AU056 ~ AU068 [[The Brother's War]] h1. AU068 ~ AU131 [[The Fall]] h1. AU132 ~ AU151 [[The Days …

  • Notable People of Ceir

    Chronologically: [[Eberk]] [[Aaron and Elbrech]] [[Lord Eric Stormhold]] [[Alexander Spellblade]] [[Ranik Thim]] [[Sir William Robert James Bumblehill Underock the Magnificent, Esquire|Uncle Jim]] [[Nicholas Stormhold]] [[Theodore …

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