The Races of Ceir


Humans are about what you’d expect them to be. Good, evil, powerful, weak, cityfolk, poor farmers, they come in all flavors. As a race, they’re obsessed with magic and technological advancement. They loosely follow a pantheon of gods. In all places throughout this text except this paragraph, the word “Humanity” refers to Humans, Gnomes, Halflings, Dwarves, High Elves, and Half-Elves.


These flighty little creatures are typically good-natured and happy. They live in harmony with their surroundings and neighbors, never taking too much. Also, they’re all a bit crazy. Excepting the crazy, the ridiculous flying machines, the talent for illusion, and the lack of hairy feet, they’re a lot like hobbits.


Halflings are thoroughly integrated into both Human and Gnome society, and typically take after whichever race they were raised with.

High Elves

Millennia ago, the race of Elves split in two. Half of them left the woods and gave up their divine connection to nature to pursue arcane magic, technology, and civilization. Thousands of years of integration with humanity has left them societally no different from humans. Their separation from divine nature has shortened their lifespans considerably, and the ancient meditative arts have been lost to them: they sleep like everyone else.

Half Elves

Half-Elves are commonplace in Ceir, due to the closeness between High Elves and Humans. They are fully accepted by society.


Many Dwarves live integrated with Human society, and many others live in fairly isolated Dwarven communities, called Clans. Dwarves are unrivaled in mining, drinking, beards, metalwork, and swinging axes into people’s faces.


Most Orcs live a tribal and nomadic life, secluded but for other Orcs. They’re incredible hunters. They are proud and quick to anger, which often leads to war. Orcs are commonly mistrusted by Human society, but the two are usually not openly hostile. The exception to this is with Dwarves. It’s very, very difficult to keep Dwarves and Orcs form killing each other.


A small set of words accurately describes Goblin society: tribal, matriarchal, shamanic, war-like, primitive. Like ancient African culture.


Merfolk are the one sentient species on Ceir that outnumber Humans, though no Human knows that. They usually stick to themselves. Their culture is like Humanity’s culture: structured from bustling cities to rural farms, and very political. Merfolk, like Humans, come in all types.

Wood Elves

True Elves, as they think of themselves, have maintained the divine connection that exists between their race and nature for eons. They live in small tribes called “circles” and rely upon their surroundings for everything. They live for hundreds of years, and trance instead of sleep. They do their best to avoid society whenever possible, and have a deep mistrust of arcane magic, technology, and most of all High Elves.


Kobolds are to Goblins as Dwarves are to Men, more-or-less. They live nearby, mine and craft all day (with considerable skill), and trade for most of their food. Those that don’t live underground are skilled trappers and furriers.

The Races of Ceir

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